Monzo + IFTTT + Amex?

Has anyone managed to get this working on Android recently? It looks like triggering from notifications doesn’t work anymore.

For reference, I used the directions outlined in the tweet here: AMEX + Monzo Bills Pot + IFTTT = Closed Loop! 🙌

The only other alternative that may work is using Tasker + IFTTT Webhook, but I’m not smart enough to work that out!

It’s still fully working for me, but you might run into issues or delays with triggers if you don’t pay for IFTTT - I put all the stuff there together before IFTTT Pro existed.

Thanks Richard. Did you follow those same steps exactly?

It’s strange, the moving money into the pot applet is a polling applet and says they should run within the hour. When I manually added something to my spreadsheet it worked instantly.

It seems like the notification applet (which should be within 10 seconds…) either fails or is taking forever.

I’m not sure how much more money I can spend at Aliexpress to test this :joy:

Yeah I did because I’m the one who wrote them :sweat_smile:

A few things to try:

  • Make sure you’re getting purchase notifications from Google Pay, not the American Express app.
  • Make sure ‘Add all transactions’ is switched on in the card settings in Google Pay.
  • Turn on notifications for when the applet runs in the IFTTT app so that you can see whether the triggers are successful.
  • In the IFTTT app, go to your applet and view activity. It will show you if it’s erroring in there.

Ha! Sorry, I didn’t realise! :joy:

I think I’ve been failing here… Will make this change and try again. Thanks!


It worked!! Thanks @RichardL :grin:


I’m on iOS and would love this functionality. Is there no way that something can be set up now that we have connected accounts? I’m not sure whether there is anything in the API that would be able to look at the amounts coming onto my AMEX connected account and move those amounts into a folder?

No problem! It technically is possible to use the AMEX notifications instead, you’d just need to adjust the regular expression so that it can extract the price.

I will look into this as it would be useful not to have to use Google Pay notifications as I’ll end up with double notifications when I use my Monzo card.

Now if only Monzo would let us add a note to the transfers using IFTTT…

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