American Express integration not working


I tried to attach my AMEX account to my phone and it’s showing “Something went wrong, we’re still fetching your transactions. Check back shortly.” It’s been this way for a few days.

I tried uninstalling the AMEX app and re-starting the integration, but that didn’t fix the problem. Only oddity is that my AMEX card is an “Additional Card” on someone elses account so that might be affecting it.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android
Device: Samsung S21 Ultra
App Version: 4.53.1

That’s probably the issue, contact monzo in app search contact us in the help section if you don’t see the chat button.

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Hi was it confirmed that the issue was that the OP was not the main cardholder? I’m getting the same problem.

When attempting to add Amex I can select the account but when I click authorize inside the American express page it’s stuck loading. I’m the main account holder.

Is this the same issue?