Amending scheduled payments problem

I’ve tried to edit a scheduled payment and after I’ve enter the new amount, confirmed it and then entered my PIN I then get an error message saying ‘Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if it continues’. Whilst this doesn’t happen every time I edit a payment it probably happens about 75% of the time and has been for some months now. It is really frustrating as it means that I have to remember to come back and do the change at another time when I’d prefer to get all my finance stuff sorted out in one go. Is this just me?

Make sure the payment is scheduled for a date in the future :+1:.


Ah that seems to works. For some reason the scheduled transaction was dated 25 March which is odd as it’s a monthly transaction and so last went out on 25 April. I don’t remember needing to change the date in the past when I amended it, it just seemed to work and know that it would be for the next due date.


:+1: It caught me out yesterday, I think it’s a bug :bug: