Scheduled Payments - Possible to change payment amount?

I have a few scheduled payments setup and because my outgoings change each month sometimes I have to compensate by paying less to the scheduled payments I have setup, when I click on one of them now it only gives me the option to cancel the standing order. Is there no way to just edit the amount it will transfer on the given date? This is gonna be a massive pain for me otherwise :frowning:

Please tell me its easy to do and I dont have to keep setting them up each month when I need to change the payment amount?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

At the mo. I am afraid that’s exactly what you have to do to change the amount you have to set up the payment again or just don’t set-up a scheduled payment at all and do it manually every month.

In May update Monzo said they will make schedule payments more flexible - I can’t find that blog post now though.

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Okay mate that’s a shame! yeah I guess manual payments will be easier for now then. Thanks!

Hopefully it wont take them too long to make them more flexible, I cant imagine it would be much effort to do but what do I know ha

P.S Monzo if you looking at this thread I also think you should include the full date for scheduled payments, currently it just shows the day i.e 1st but no month next to it, I have couple payments for a month after so be handy to have month as well as day on.


Not sure if this is the right place, but… Would it be possible to click on a bill, such as a mortgage, and send some more money without having to set up a new payee? Mortgage overpayments are the obvious example…

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