Scheduled payments last payment date

Anyone find it annoying when you set up a scheduled payment into a pot and you forget when the last payment is supposed to go into that pot?.. yeah same. I know it says daily, weekly etc but the last payment date would be good so I can remember what I put it at without having to cancel it and do it again.

True. And also weird why I can’t just change the scheduled Pot payment instead of having to delete it and set it up again. Have I missed something? (sorry, still new)

Just cancel the payment and then set it up again. No need to delete

That’s fine but again after we’ve set it up be nice to see if it’s daily and we set a final payment date what said date is rather than having to remember…

Sorry if it wasn’t clear. But why would I have to cancel it (what I meant by delete), enter my PIN, go back to the pot to set scheduled payment up again. When I just want to change the amount, date or frequency?

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It is odd that you can edit a standing order but not a pot schedule.

I would have thought the functionality would be fairly similar.

Ah, sorry. Somebody was saying the other day you had to delete the pot to change it, I wrongly assumed you thought the same

No worries, thought I had missed something so went ahead and tried (…for then to reenter it all again) :rofl:

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