Smart speakers

Thought we could use a general thread on Smart Speakers (didn’t see one using a quick search).

I’m quite surprised by this. Apple have been very cozy with Amazon of late but the relationship with Google went downhill a while ago.

Fingers crossed it paces the way for TV+ on Android.

Ultimately the only language Amazon speaks is money - if enough people want it they make it happen!

Side note does anyone use Amazon Music? I mean specifically subscribe to it not play around with it because you already have Prime!

Great, just after I bought a big Echo speaker for Apple Music. I generally like Google’s stuff more than Amazon’s but went all in on Alexa because of Apple Music… oh well

Nothing surprising at all, they all agreed at least in the past couple of years to ensure that all the services eventually play nicely with each other, it was just a question of when do they get around to doing it and not if

They did? Do you have any links for that? Completely passed me by.

No sorry it was a while ago now when I read a fair few articles coming out of the tech press. It’ll be held in that vast internet archive somewhere though.

I do, because of Amazon Music HD, I just really dig the better sound quality.

Seriously don’t recommend Alexa though. I have three in my house and I regret it so much, the multi room support is terrible.