Amazon Fresh - Cashless & Cashierless shopping!

We need this in the UK - it’s so damn cool!

Amazon shopping cart demo at Amazon Fresh grocery store Woodland Hills - YouTube


Saw this on tiktok the other day! Really does look amazing, definitely the future of shopping.

Could the trolley be any smaller, imagine the stockpile lot having to have about 10 trolleys each :rofl:

Or even the family shop, I reckon our small trolleys hold more than an Amazon one

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Sainsbury’s already offer a similar thing with SmartShop which is just as quick - only difference being you scan as you go then just pay at a terminal at the end

That’s so last century and not cool though :rofl:

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Yeah I was going to say we’ve had Sainsbury’s smart shop for over a year.

I’ve found a smarter way is just to get home delivery. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve only used it once. I just paid on my phone (Apple Pay) when I’d finished shopping, and scanned a QR code on the way out.

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Pretty much the same as me, haven’t used it since given the current climate

Not sure if it’s in that video, but one of the videos I saw the person shopping was trying to get things into the trolley without the scanners seeing it and they are incredibly quick to scan it.

That’s one flaw with scan and go that I find, granted it hasn’t happened in the last year, but if me and my partner went shopping together, you’re forever saying “did you scan that?” as you both put things in the trolley.

As cool as stuff like this is, I still steadfast believe that Ocado’s approach is the real future of shopping.


For once we agree on something! :wink:


I used to spend loads with Ocado until I came to my senses and realised I can get all the food I require for a fraction of the price from the local supermarket.

Depends if you buy branded goods or not, which I do, and they price match Tesco anyway.

Ocado’s delivery service is leagues ahead of anyone else though, it’s not even close, and can be free. Prior to pandemic they delivered your groceries to your kitchen, not your door step, and they bought your bags back off you to recycle. There are virtually no annoying substitutions. Refunds are easy too; try getting Tesco to refund your milk and eggs when they arrive broken.

Because of the way they structure and manage their fleet for deliveries, your carbon footprint is lower than when shopping elsewhere online too.

It’s the service I pay for, and why I was quite happy to shop with them.

Ocado is quite easily the thing I miss the most about England. I used them for many many years and could never once fault them. Tesco failed to turn up one too many times for my liking


1st store open in London


Will have make a special visit to check it out. Good excuse to grab some Hare and Tortoise while I’m there too!