Amazon Fire

Any chance of supporting the Amazon Fire Tablets, given they’re available fairly cheaply would be nice if they were supported, I guess it depends on how dependant on Google services the Monzo app is as FireOS is fairly close to android 5.x

I did think about sideloading the APK to see if it works but a banking/payments app isn’t the kind of APK I’d want to to acquire from anywhere other than the official sources

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Ditto this, keen on getting a kindle as they are very cheap :pound: , having the monzo app :monzo: on it would be great :+1:

Don’t have one my other half does, given the presumed simplicity of porting from stock android to FireOS it get’s a thumbs up from me as a no-brainer.

The only issue I can see is that the Monzo app is designed for phones really, not tablets so perhaps it will become a thing if/when a tablet version of the app arrives.

FireOS is pretty dead though. Remember the Fire phone?

Amazon used to force you to download the APK for “marketplace” in order to install Amazon Video and the like, now they’ve ditched that and are just putting their apps on the Google Play Store.

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I did consider mentioning the fire phone actually, I nearly bought one when they were selling them off cheap as I seem to remember it was quite well specified.

My main gripe with Amazon is that I can’t chromecast my instant video GRRRR!!!

Back to topic, I wonder how the minimum Android version requirement for the Monzo app compares to the Android version that’s forked to be used on the latest Fire tablet OS.

So out of pure curiosity because these things interest me. I had a look at the minimum Android version of the Monzo app which is 5 (lollipop).

FireOS 5 is based on Android 5 (lollipop) and FireOS 6 is out (based on a newer version) so a 5th generation Fire tablet onwards should theoretically be compatible with Monzo without too many changes, assuming that Amazon hasn’t cut something crucial out when they modified the original Android version.

tl;dr; Technically probably possible but of course depends on many other factors and would probably create additional complexity in the QA and release cycle.

Oh yeah, I’d bet Amazon messed around with the API - it might work, I think you can just run standard APKs on a Fire Tablet, but I don’t think it would be worth officially supporting

The only relevant quote I can find here:

I’d guess that may rule it out but Android isn’t my thing.

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This would be an excellent idea considering how cheap they are and how it would get Monzo in to others hands that wouldn’t normally be able to afford a smartphone.
Opens banking even further!

Yeh you’re right.
Hadn’t even considered that. Because FireOS is a fork, it doesn’t have GPS (Google Play Services) which will break pretty much any Android app nowadays

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Do all fire tablets not have GPS?

Assuming the cheapest ones don’t, I guess that’s partially why they can sell them for £29.99 then.

Sorry, GPS as in Google Play Services

Ahh that makes more sense…

But interestingly kindle fire tablets don’t seem to have Global Positioning System hardware in so I was half right :stuck_out_tongue:

Potentially an issue for location-baed security.

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Has anyone tried it this way? Installing google play and then attempting to download Monzo from the app store?

I’d be interested to know

Yes that method works on my new HD10

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I used Monzo on my £30 Fire tablet for a while via a Play Store sideload and it was fine - just had to get a monzonaut to allow native camera for the CA identity check when I signed up, but if you had already signed up, I imagine there’d be no problems at all.