Monzo download link for app not working

I recently smashed the screen on my old huwaiei phone and am currently using a winfows phone however there is no app in the store. Ive had the link sent to my phone several times however it just directs me straight back to the same page asking me to put my number in again. Any way i can get a link or is it not supported? It’s a Microsoft Lumia 550. I also have a kindle fire HD that doesn’t have it in the app store either. Any help appreciated
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The Monzo app is only available on Android and Apple stores.

Windows phones need software developed specifically for that platform, but it’s highly unlikely that Monzo will do so due to the low numbers. Ditto for Kindle Fire (as I understand it, that’s an off-shoot of Android, but it’s sufficiently different that regular Android apps cannot work on there), which may also have other limitations (no doubt if you search here you will find a better explanation than mine!).

So, your options are to borrow an iPhone or an Android phone, or just use to monitor your spending for now (but that has limited functionality and you cannot transfer to/from pots or make payments etc).

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I think you should be able to get the play store sideloaded. I have on the Kids Fire (but I haven’t tried installing Monzo)

It’s just that Amazon hates Google. Once you get the Play Store side loaded it makes it useful. Afaik the FireOS is basically a software skin to the open Android project underneath. They just want to try and keep people inside the Amazon app bubble.

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