Amazon closed my account

Can you come back and update us when they eventually get back to you?

I’m interested to hear why they cancelled it


So, I finally managed to get my account reopened. Called the same number again (for the fourth time) and mysteriously the person was able to reopen it this time. I asked him why he could do it, if the previous three could not, and was told he didn’t know.

I asked why my account was closed, and he told me “probably” due to “unauthorised activity”.

I asked him what unauthorised activity (as nothing untoward had happened on the account that I’m aware of), and was told he didn’t know. So I call BS on that.

I asked why I wasn’t told my account was closed, and the answer was because that would cause a risk in the event of unauthorised activity. I asked to explain what risk specifically and was told (who can guess?) I don’t know.

So, all rather mysterious…


I just tried to log into my account and it’s happened to me too! No notice, no phone calls, and I have gift cards on that account, and I pay for prime!! I’m super pissed… waiting on this special phone call now

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Ah, poor you!good luck!!!

(and let us know what happens, and it they can give you a reason…)

Hmm, now I’m worried. …off to Amazon, back in a sec…

[edit] a sec later, after a heart stopping moment where the iPad app refused TouchID and said it didn’t recognise my details, logged in again, and… phew, it’s ok for now.

To me it looks like they’ve changed something in their fraud detection algorithms and as a result it’s got a lot more people (and possibly false positives) than before.


So @nanos, did you contact Jeff at Amazon. Be good to know how that panned out.

No I didn’t. I thought I’d give it one more try before I do, and that’s when they resolved it.

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A handy address to have. Not actually him that’s replying back, but they are super helpful!

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Hi same thing happened to me. few weeks ago I had account closed with amazon. But on there email says if you open another account that will be closed too.
As I have return few things in pass few months and has my account for years. Then they closed it.
It was not my fault that damaged things was sent so they closed my account.
I have tried calling there customer service dept that say accounts specialist team will contact me within 48 hours.
The only reason they closed the account due me sending back goods due there policy reason I have tried to appeal told was not my fault if damaged goods was sent to me and does say on email if try open new account that would be closed.
So how comes you open new account with same delivery address and that not been close,
I am worried if open new account with then and they close.

Hi which number did you call then on. I have tried say there account Specialist only have email.

I have called customer service number for amazon uk and they said will get the that accounts specialist team to email.

I have tried explain by email and appealed to there decision to why they closed my account and was not my fault to why only 3 or 4 time I sent back goods which was received damaged or was faulty.
But only thing they said they look into and come to decision to close the account and said I could not email then on this matter again as they will not help me further.

So how did you manger to get your reopen and which number did you call on please.

If you can help me out, please.

I just bought an e-reader and I went for Kobo, not Amazon, primarily for this reason. Imagine losing all the books you own if one day Amazon decides you returned one too many defective items.


I’ve just had the very same issue with my amazon account. I’ve been having issues with the drivers delivering my parcels open, missing or put in my bin on bin day :rofl: so I’ve emailed amazon a few times complaining about the same delivery issues and they closed my account and banned me for life. I’ve tried creating another account with a different name, email address and bank card. On the same phone. And they closed that down stating that it was tied to the original closed account.