Amazon closed my account

Alright, so the other day amazon closed my account. I have no idea why, they didn’t notify me or anything. I tried to log in because I wanted to order something, and was told that no account could be found with my email address.

Since then I’ve been trying to get this reversed. I emailed them, I called them. No reply to my emails, but when I call them I get told “we need to transfer this to our specialist team, they’ll get back to you within 24 hours”. I call them back 25 hours later, and am being told the same thing. Still no response. Still, noone can tell me why my account was closed.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any clues or tips?

Open a new account, given that you don’t have anything to loose?

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Well, yeah, but until I know why they closed the old one, I’d rather not start a game of whack a mole with them…

(I also quite like access to my purchase history, as it makes it easier to remember what I bought when and for how much)

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Strangely enough, @GalaxyMergirl brought up this issue a couple of weeks ago and it was the first I’d heard of it happening. Don’t know if this is the case in your situation, but there are reports that it can happen if you’ve returned ‘too many’ items or the wrong sort of items (criteria unknown). Start reading from here:


Yeah, I did actually read (and even comment in) that thread back then, but I think my case is different: I haven’t had to return anything in a while, or had any other issue with them. There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary in the past months…


Email - it will go through to their Executive Support Team. Really helpful.


I’ve heard amazon can get aggressive about closing accounts. Have you made any chargebacks involving them recently perhaps?

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Nope, never did any charge backs with them.

In that thread you note you’ve had dozens of returns… Tho it’s odd that they’d finally catch up after months without a return and not saying anything.

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Yearly audits?

Maybe but still it seems unlikely from reports I’ve seen before where it seems pretty quick.

Odd that @nanos hasn’t got the break up letter either…


Those were over many years, though, and over the last 2 years I have returned only 2 items, so I’d be very surprised if that was a connection…

Knowing that now, I’d agree completely. Also, I’d have expected you to get the usual breakup letter as noted. How odd…

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I have been on Amazon since 2012 and sent loads back… wonder if I get my account closed :eyes:

I’ve had one account closed, opened a new one up several years ago and no issues since…


As more and more of Amazon takes over ones life, the prospect of Amazon closing account gets more serious.

I’ve got Amazon Alexa’s around the house in every room which are in constant use, tons of movies and tv shows paid for on Amazon Video for streaming, Amazon Fresh doing weekly deliveries of food and then the usual load of parcels from random orders.

But when something is faulty… it’s faulty and I’m going to use the returns process. I must do about 5-10 or so a year :confused:

My guess is once your account is closed, all digital products disappear, Alexa’s wont work and so fourth
This sort of stuff about closing accounts just makes me nervous. Maybe it’s time to divest more.


Definitely. I buy some stuff from Amazon but they behave in very sketchy ways that make me hesitant to rely on them any more than for small purchases.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t want to make a big purchase and have to make a warranty claim 6 months later to find my account has been closed!

Then you write to them to make the claim, even with a closed account, by law they have to support you. If they don’t respond then the small claims court is there to rectify the situation.

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Yeah i suppose so!