Amazon closed my account twice

So amazon closed my account without warning.
After speaking to them, I was told that my account was closed due to me requesting refunds on a large amount of items.
I have only sent back 2 items due to them coming broken upon arrival and it not being what I expected, I had opened another account and it had only been closed on Friday 13th July 2018, due to it being linked with the old account “I don’t know how”
I’ve emailed amazon a bunch of times and they keep on saying that it was closed due to the account being linked and they will not restore the new account in witch I had 0 returns/refunds and like 8 - 12 orders on.

What is the best way to get j in touch with someone at amazon who can actually help

Might be worth reading through this thread.

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I did, and I also sent an email to Jeff@amazon

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