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You having free things at work doesn’t really invalidate perks for everyone else.


Me too.

I upgraded from plus to premium and though the card is super nice, the other offers really don’t cut it for the additional price (for me).

I think if I didn’t have a family the insurance would but since I do it’s cheaper elsewhere.

A number of the features are free In other banks, and the plus stuff is nice but a little niche.

So, what Monzo would consider doing to make the difference between plus to premium that much different to make It worth it

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Perhaps you could start by making some suggestions? If they’re all free from your work (and elsewhere) surely you don’t want any of those?

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This is probably not the best thread for this




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I can understand why folk would want/like a lot of the features discussed, but what is being missed here is that Monzo is a commercial entity which ultimately has to make money.
If any of these features aren’t going to be financially viable, I can’t see why they should offer them.
Yes, a lot of other banks offer paid accounts with extra benefits, and while Monzo isn’t exactly poor, compared with some of the bigger banks, it hasn’t really got their financial clout.

If they can compete with the bigger players and offer something people want and still make money out of it, then I’m all in favour, but please remember, in the world of financial institutions, Monzo is still quite a small fish in a very big pond.

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I dont have premium :slight_smile:

It’s easy to criticise, so I was just suggesting that you try and be a little more constructive and suggest what you’d like to see rather than just saying it’s all trash and of no value. Especially if you’re expecting a reply from someone at Monzo.

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Probably nothing because they probably have enough people who are interested in it as it is. Your expectations, as set out in your comment above are simply unrealistic.

Home insurance (buildings cover) is alone more than £15 per month, and then you expect them to give you £10 a month in interest? How would that be viable?

No other bank offers such value packaged account

Sorry, just spotted your other suggestion of 2% interest on £50000… so Monzo should give you £80 interest a month in exchange for a £15 fee? Sure, if you want them to be out of business the following month


@AlanDoe Please can this be moved to one of the other (many) threads?

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Wow, way to take a tone (and probably alienate everyone in this discussion).

I am well aware of how banks make money, but Monzo aren’t in that position yet. And I don’t know, please enlighten me which banks offer home insurance as part of their packaged account and where I can find an instant access saver with a higher than 1.5% interest rate?


Woah! So many suggestions - love to see it.

I’ll go ahead and chase up these and see who we can get to pop their head into the Community for a little chat.

Just doing a little tidy up of this Topic as it’s got a little sidetracked and I’d really like to keep as on topic as possible because I want to bring the areas of Monzo to the Community that you all want to hear from.


We really don’t. We access the same.

This has gone down a path :laughing:

@AlanDoe in your cleanup please don’t forget @Peter_G’s (And I would like it too) request to have someone discuss what’s next for the paid bank accounts.

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Absolutely still on the agenda and I’ll post shortly with the “Community Most Wanted” list just to make sure that I haven’t missed any :eyes:


It would be good to have someone who can speak to the design of the transaction screen and future developments in this area (the screen you see when you tap on a transaction). I feel this is an aspect of the app that doesn’t seem to have had much attention in recent years compared to other areas.

It would be good to know that feedback on this screen is getting through to someone who is in a position to consider it.

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To widen this. How does feedback get to Monzo and the relevant team in general?

I assumed that it is just a case of any staff that may see something on here may pass it onto someone relevant or is there a person (perhaps you @AlanDoe) who collates this periodically and feeds it all back?

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I actually wonder if we (and Monzo) could experiment with a community design session or something similar?

I’m thinking that maybe a Monzo Design person could facilitate some form of community interaction to tease out user needs and pain points, then maybe generate some mock ups from it? Probably not live, but asynchronously through a curated topic over, say, a week.

We’d need to be super clear that this is just from a small subset of the community and not something that Monzo will necessarily develop, but I wonder a bit if anyone would be up for an experimental session? The transaction screen would be an excellent place to start!

@AlanDoe would this blow minds (or scare the designers)?


I have deleted my comments bar the first one. Look forward to Q&A whenever that will happen. Thank you for putting it together.

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So just looking to collate a few of the suggestions below:

  • Decision maker when it comes to priority of new features etc.
  • C-Suite member
  • Google Export wizard
  • @MattFisher
  • Frontline staff
  • Paid team
  • Fincrime
  • Someone from the Mondo days :thinking:
  • Social team - could try and convince all of them :eyes:
  • Yehudi! @simonb making a special request :pray:
  • Design team

On the back of @Ordog and @Peter_G having questions about the feedback loop. That could be something done separate to the AMA series but open to further chat on that for sure.

Hope I’ve not missed too many but we can always add to the shopping list to be fair :laughing:


@AlanDoe is this not an offshoot of “Making Monzo” - Would love to be part of that feedback option.

HSBC do a similar thing where they share Figma designs etc and get feedback, seems to work quite well :slight_smile:

First AMA is up everyone :eyes:

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