Am I safe from this scam text?

I’ve reported it to O2.

I had this text last week, not ever having had an o2 account I knew it was a scam.

I just proceeded with writing “fuck you” in all the text fields :joy:


I have changed my O2 password and security question and answer. That should make SIM-swapping considerably more difficult, shouldn’t it?
Should I also change the email address to a customused gmail one? (ie:


I got a very similar one yesterday
Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 14.23.19

Are you on O2? It’s work to register domains and the scammer is going up relatively slowly in refs, seems targeted

No, but it is originally an O2 number that I’ve ported across several networks over the years.

Also I did go to the site and fill in some extremely colourful dummy data.


I’ve deleted the address that I posted , but I believe it’s UK based scammer , but hopefully the faff of moving everything over to a new hoster will server him right, if they give him a chance to move it.

Seems like a right sumbag, linked to multiple similar EE , PayPal and generic sounding billing domains

And the scumbag registrar doesn’t want to take abuse complaints

Interesting “Monzo” one I just got from a U.S number

That’s an odd scam if they’re telling you to chat in the app :confused:

I guess it’s to give you a false sense of security and the messages that follow will try and dupe you into clicking a link or sharing your details.


I suppose if I did reply STOP, they’d have continued to text me, as they know that the number was active