Alto's Odyssey

The sequel to Alto’s Adventure is finally coming out! I can’t wait :grinning:

It took a while, but I completed every challenge on the first game. Hoping for some new characters as well as all the new game mechanics in this one… also hoping the llama’s are still in it :joy:

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You’ve still got 9 days if you want to complete it before the new one comes out :grin:

I’m on level 38 I think. Preordered the game. Need to complete the last few challenges! A beautiful game!

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IT’S OUT!!! :grinning:

There goes the next few days :joy:

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The ‘new apps’ thread reminded me about this one.

I am OBSESSED. And despite it being a fiver, I’ve bought copies for my two best friends and someone I’m dating, that’s how much I want people I know to be playing it.

I’ve made it to a level where I have to ‘Wallride to grind 3 times in one run’ which I think I’m going to be stuck on for some time. I think its level 27. I remember in the original game there was a challenge I was on for months (possibly a full year).


Thanks guys…just bought this of the recommendations and now I can put it down! Goodbye productivity!!!


I finally finished it! I was close to giving it a rest for a few months but I stuck at it on my commutes The very last task is lasting two days as Alto and I’d forgotten how rubbish a character he is, given the game is named for him, so there were a LOT of crashes before I realised that to last a long time, I should stop doing quite so many tricks and just avoid the rocks.

How many levels are there? I haven’t gotten to play it as much as I’d like but I am currently on Level 33.

60 levels. The character you get at 50 is brilliant, super high jumps and lemurs work for you instead of trying to catch you, but the goals are mich harder - for the final level you have to achieve 350,000 points in one run, and my previous highest was 200,000.

There were a few very tricky ones I never thought I’d get but you find you hit them without realising. Catching 3 of the falling bonuses (that you radio in) while in a wing suit, or claiming 3 golden counts while wingsuiting, stuff you can’t really plan for, just hope it happens.

There’s a new podcast called Hobby Horse where well known people talk abou stuff they’re passionate about which isn’t their core ‘thing’ - Jason Kotke talks about his obsession with Alto. He’s currently the 8th highest ever point scorer with over 4 million. He gives a few hints about how to keep the scores high. I only heard it last night when browsing the Alto twitter feed or I might have completed it a bit sooner.


Android version coming soon!

Still on Level 34, haven’t played in much in the last couple of months to be honest.

Just invested! £4.99 is slightly steep (would rather pay a bit more over time to unlock tiers) but if it’s as good as you all say it is I won’t regret it…

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It definitely is, I played non stop until I finished it. I’ve probably got RSI now. I’ve been playing more on my Apple TV.

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So I stopped playing this for ages and then I started again.

I’m now on Level 59 and this is tough!!!