Alpha Preview rollout progress

I’ll try to keep this post updated with how the Alpha rollout is going so that you guys have a good idea of where we are at! :mondo:

  • 14th/15th November - Everyone who came to our second hackathon
  • 26th November - Our first Alpha Preview launch event
  • 3rd December - Our second Alpha Preview launch event

Lots more to come - we love seeing people using Mondo and giving us so much great feedback!

This evening we gave out another 30ish cards — as always, great to meet even more amazing people! We’ll be inviting them to the forum in the next couple of days :grinning:

How many cardholders do you have now?

Hey @RichardOwen, sorry for the delay in replying! I just checked and as of right now we have 275 registered accounts :credit_card::credit_card::credit_card: lots more before Christmas too hopefully :slight_smile:

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