Allow user defined minimum balance

Hello, I’ve just tried withdrawing from a savings pot to make a couple of purchases, but it’s the weekend and looks like it won’t be processed until tomorrow (Monday). My balance is less than £5, as a result I can’t make the purchase until the withdrawal is processed. To avoid this happening again, I suggest allowing users to set a minimum balance (sort of the opposite of an overdraft) for their account and trigger an alert if it goes below this.

Even on week days with Easy Access Savings Pot the money won’t reach your account until 4 to 5 pm on the day after. What I do is put most of my savings on an Easy Access Savings Pot but have some backup money as well on a regular Pot (non interest earning). I only ever withdraw from that regular Pot in special circumstances like the one you just mentioned happening to you this weekend. Having that regular Pot helps with peace of mind because I know that if I ever have an emergency and really need money I won’t be left waiting until the day after for my Easy Access Savings Pot money to clear into my account.

I have most of mine in interest-earning savings pots, the one I withdrew from is an easy access savings pot. I was expecting the transfer immediately having forgotten it’s next day for those pots. Still a low ‘card balance’ notification would be useful, I would set mine around £50 as I think that would cover any expense that can’t wait.

I wish my mouse cursor would stop shaking like it’s got Parkinsons… one of the things I need to buy is a new mouse!

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I was thinking about this the other day it would be ace to set an alert when your balance drops below a specificed amount.

I’ve just moved to using Amex for everything but still want to keep at least £100 in Monzo for non-amex.

All my extra is in Marcus so quick to get out but still good to be alerted rather than getting it rejected trying to pay.

I am the same to be fair, as of today we are using our CC’s for every purchase, all money in Monzo is in the “bills” pot and auto added via the salary sorted when anything comes in, so before the move to paying everything (except DD’s) with CC’s a notification may have been handy when you get to a certain balance.

But having said that I check the Monzo app at least twice a day every day :joy: