Allow the CS team to unlock a pot rather than requiring to delete it

Hi All,

If you have a locked pot but require it unlocked, when you ask the CS team, they say you need to DELETE the pot.
This can be rather inconvenient as any IFTT schemes you have set up require setting up again!

It would be great it they could just unlock the pot themselves.

As the pots are supposed to stay locked, the deletion is supposed to act as a sort of friction

You can now unlock the pot yourself in app. It also deletes the pot but just set it up again with the same name


You cannot I unlock the pot yourself, nor can you delete a locked pot - you need to contact CS team who then allow you to delete the pot.

Which is fine, apart from the fact the CS team should just have the ability to unlock the pot.

Nope. Since last week you can do it yourself due to the amount of people contacting COps. Tap on the withdraw button of a locked pot


Oh, ok, my bad! Sorry Rat.

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