Allow getting rid of the Get Paid early notification

Since the “Get paid early” feature was released, both me and my wife are getting 2x notifications per month as both our salaries are paid into the joint account on different dates and generate a notification to both of us. We would rather not have the notification, either by opting out of the feature or by selecting a default behaviour (always / never get paid early without asking).
Any plans to tweak the feature?

I think within time they will get rid of the draw wallet gimmick it’s ok the very first time but after a while like you say, they could probably remove the drag wallet feature and replace it with a simple yes or no get paid early button

I think the dragging action is all about getting consent. You have to agree to specific things in order to get paid early so they want the extra reassurance in the event that something goes wrong that you actually consented.
It’s easy to accidentally click a notification or button but it’s harder to swipe up the animation when agreeing to it.

Don’t get rid of the wallet screen - it’s the most satisfying slide down action ever* :confetti_ball:

*there may be others too


That’s beside the point though. I don’t need to make a decision every month whether I want to get paid early or not. Just give me the option to select a default behaviour or to opt out altogether?


I hate the animations

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I fully agree with this. The option to get paid early is nice but a notification encouraging it goes against the idea that monzo is trying to help people manage money.

I disagree. It’s easier (for me at least) to start managing the money in the daytime and put things into appropriate pots etc compared to the money coming in in the early hours!


I feel this is less of a question for this particular issue but more of a point that we need more control over notifications full stop.

I’d like to see revamp of notifications similar to how they’ve just done the new overdraft ones. If you can choose what notifications can and can’t be received, you can manage money however you want

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That’s not really disagreeing. You have a preference of using the early payment function and that’s fine, its a good thing to have available.

But actively encouraging it seems highly unnecessary.

I try not to think in terms of my payday being a day early as it allows me to spend my money more quickly, which i don’t want to do.

If your alternative to getting paid early is that you sort your money in the early hours when it comes in, that seems pretty unhealthy, surely the standard is to wake up on pay day and sort your money out?

By the time I get the kids out to school and the childminders, rush for the bus and to work I have forgotten to sort it


Seems like the function that would sort the issue you 2 are mentioning would be automation with incoming salary as a trigger

Im not arguing that getting paid early is a bad thing, its a good thing to have available. Im saying we shouldn’t be encouraged to use it with push notifications.

You seem to be saying get paid early is bad? It just brings my pay day forward by a day every time. Encouraging people to use it isn’t a bad thing. Although I don’t get a notification half the time and tend to remember later in the evening

Automation is good if it’s a fixed income with fixed uses every time. Mine changes all the time

Nope, im not saying its bad, just that it strikes me as more of a fall back feature rather than one id want to depend on.

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This strikes me as a misunderstanding about getting paid early. It’s not a fallback, advance or loan. It’s just closing the gap in time between the funds leaving the sender’s account and reaching yours.

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The American banks that do this, do it automatically

I understand what it is, technically it is an advance, albeit a very low risk one.

Im not against the feature, just the push notifications about it.

I don’t get a push notification.

I also don’t see too much that’s negative about this. I get an extra day of interest on my money for minimal effort

What I don’t want is an app full of options and switches.


America is not a good example of banking security and consent. I believe you just swipe a card and scribble on a bit of paper over there? :see_no_evil:

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Interestingly you do get more granular control on Android, I haven’t tested it but I imagine turning off ‘account credited’ would disable paid early notifications. No reason why this shouldn’t exist on iOS if it doesn’t already.