Allow filtering by payer (and/or add payer information to statements)

My partner and I use our joint Monzo account for our daily commutes.
I’m interested in knowing how much each of us spent on commuting, to see if purchasing a monthly travelcard would be more cost-effective.

While I can see a summary of how much we spent in total under the “Transport” category, this view isn’t filterable nor sortable or searchable. In the app, each transaction has the first letter of the payer (either myself or my partner) superscripted over the transaction’s icon, but I couldn’t find a way to filter out only my payments.

I thought I’ll be able to get the information I need from the last month’s statement, but the .csv file doesn’t show the payer.

The payer information is a helpful feature (and something that was sorely lacking from our previous bank - HSBC), but it can use some improvement to become a really effective one.