Aldi & Lidl

Just a quick question, Do these stores accept Monzo ?

Im asking because i’d hate to do my whole week shopping for it to be declined.
I use it in Asda, Subway, Tesco etc with no problem

Thanks guys :smiley:

I’ve used mine in Aldi no problem.


Use regularly in Aldi, never a problem


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I’ve used my Monzo card in Aldi many times. No issues. They also take Apple pay/google pay.

Unfortunately, Monzo hasn’t updated the Aldi logo in their app to reflect the up to date branding that Aldi has on their stores and twitter feeds. It’s the old logo. Submitted this correction many times, but the old logo still remains.


I’ve experienced no problems using Monzo in Lidl


They seem to be behind on logo updating. I’ve submitted a number recently and they’ve not been updated.


Your Monzo card will work almost anywhere that accepts card payments. It’s no different to any other bank in that respect. If the shop accepts MasterCard you’re all good.


It could actually be down to branding permission right? I’m not sure if monzo has to get permission to use 3rd party logo’s an images for legal reasons.

They could be waiting on permission from them, if that’s the case it could be a while :blush:

:grin: I shop at Aldi regularly with my Monzo card and didn’t even notice the difference in logo.

But then, it doesn’t effect my transaction or my summary so not greatly concerned tbh.

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