Airbnb mess in the feed


Why does Airbnb show up in the feed as a series of random numbers and letters every time? A different set of numbers and letters!

And is there any way for Monzo to auto identify it as Airbnb and tidy up the name and logo?

I have to report it every time (and a tinnnnny gripe: when I report the name as Airbnb, you don’t change the logo unless I send a separate report about that).

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It’s the same with Microsoft, it’s a joke and it’s been going on for years even though it says MSFT at the bottom.

Don’t expect a fix anytime soon tbh.


Team is obviously busy working on more important features :smiling_imp:

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#tags in multicoloured text :upside_down_face:


Maybe making it ‘easier’ to switch salary screen was taking a lot of development time. Oh maybe now that’s out of the way you might get your :green_apple::money_with_wings:

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I used AirBnB a couple of weeks ago. Same thing happened, I assume its the way AirBnB manages their payments because most of the money is instantly transferred to the host. That’s my initial thought.


This didn’t happen with me when I used AirBnB in march? It just showed as a single AirBnB payment.


Single yes. But without the name or logo.

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Hi @urban! Thanks for reporting this - you made a very timely post as I fixed this on Monday - I made an airbnb booking over the weekend and noticed the same behaviour :sob:

The problem was that when airbnb send us an authorization request they call themselves “AIRBNB * REFNUMBER”. Our system assumes that anything after an asterisk in the name is the merchant name, as this is very common practice for payment processors like PayPal (like “PP*EBAYSHOPNAME”).

Future airbnb payments will look like this instead :relieved:


Ah excellent news that you fixed it, thanks @nickrw. Buttttt…my transaction was this Monday at 9am and it showed up with the usual mess :thinking:

Edit: just saw that you fixed it on Monday! I must’ve made the transaction before you worked on it.

(Nicholas Robinson-Wall) #11

It was a lunchtime kinda deal :wink:

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Thanks v much for fixing. I was seeing this too.


Brilliant. Nice work.

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Is it fixed for all merchants who present like this, or just Airbnb? Further upthread Microsoft is mentioned as being similarly broken in feed, for example.

I guess as you’re working from the assumption that anything after * is a merchant name then anything that breaks this is going to have to be fixed on a case-by-case basis?


Hey @nickrw

Can this be done for other transactions where the * follows some reference info? I’d love it if my Google Drive subscription had a reference of ‘Google Storage’ or something. Helps differentiate from other Google payments.

You can strip the links tho. Ain’t nobody want that.

Keep up the great work


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Just booked on Airbnb and I love the improved name/ logo view. All my previous transactions with them looked truly awful :joy:

(Brandon Billingham) #17

Hi Nick.

Still very much ugly here for a transaction I made today. Any idea why?

(Nicholas Robinson-Wall) #18

Hi Brandon! Could you drop me a DM with your monzo email address? Happy to take a look for you :mag_right:

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