Airbnb mess in the feed

Why does Airbnb show up in the feed as a series of random numbers and letters every time? A different set of numbers and letters!

And is there any way for Monzo to auto identify it as Airbnb and tidy up the name and logo?

I have to report it every time (and a tinnnnny gripe: when I report the name as Airbnb, you don’t change the logo unless I send a separate report about that).

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It’s the same with Microsoft, it’s a joke and it’s been going on for years even though it says MSFT at the bottom.

Don’t expect a fix anytime soon tbh.


Team is obviously busy working on more important features :smiling_imp:

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#tags in multicoloured text :upside_down_face:


Maybe making it ‘easier’ to switch salary screen was taking a lot of development time. Oh maybe now that’s out of the way you might get your :green_apple::money_with_wings:

I used AirBnB a couple of weeks ago. Same thing happened, I assume its the way AirBnB manages their payments because most of the money is instantly transferred to the host. That’s my initial thought.

This didn’t happen with me when I used AirBnB in march? It just showed as a single AirBnB payment.

Single yes. But without the name or logo.

Hi @urban! Thanks for reporting this - you made a very timely post as I fixed this on Monday - I made an airbnb booking over the weekend and noticed the same behaviour :sob:

The problem was that when airbnb send us an authorization request they call themselves “AIRBNB * REFNUMBER”. Our system assumes that anything after an asterisk in the name is the merchant name, as this is very common practice for payment processors like PayPal (like “PP*EBAYSHOPNAME”).

Future airbnb payments will look like this instead :relieved:



Ah excellent news that you fixed it, thanks @nickrw. Buttttt…my transaction was this Monday at 9am and it showed up with the usual mess :thinking:

Edit: just saw that you fixed it on Monday! I must’ve made the transaction before you worked on it.

It was a lunchtime kinda deal :wink:

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Thanks v much for fixing. I was seeing this too.

Brilliant. Nice work.

Is it fixed for all merchants who present like this, or just Airbnb? Further upthread Microsoft is mentioned as being similarly broken in feed, for example.

I guess as you’re working from the assumption that anything after * is a merchant name then anything that breaks this is going to have to be fixed on a case-by-case basis?

Hey @nickrw

Can this be done for other transactions where the * follows some reference info? I’d love it if my Google Drive subscription had a reference of ‘Google Storage’ or something. Helps differentiate from other Google payments.


You can strip the links tho. Ain’t nobody want that.

Keep up the great work


Just booked on Airbnb and I love the improved name/ logo view. All my previous transactions with them looked truly awful :joy:

Hi Nick.

Still very much ugly here for a transaction I made today. Any idea why?

Hi Brandon! Could you drop me a DM with your monzo email address? Happy to take a look for you :mag_right:

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