Aheademy scam

The best way if it’s transaction related is to tap into the fraudulent one, scroll to the bottom and tap ‘something wrong get help’

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I did that and still no option to chat to Monzo. Thank you though x

There is. You’re suppose to click report fraud on that page.

Otherwise if none of the options on that screen help at the bottom is ‘I can’t find what I’m looking for’ which also opens chat.


Ask to start a chargeback with Monzo for the transactions.
Type contact us in the help section

Also depending on the details, you put in. You could freeze your card and order a new one.

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Freezing the card won’t stop them from potentially taking the money again.

Also, someone from Monzo said that if its transaction related then you need to report it from the transaction page so that they get all the details about it and action can be taken quicker.

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Rika from Monzo corrected me when I said the same , Monzo prefer you to use the dispute transaction option


Fair enough, the more you learn. Thank you


Thank you all for your help. I’ve transferred all money from my Monzo into my normal bank. We use Monzo for shopping and put a lump sum in here each month. To help us budget. I’m gonna do the fraud thing and ask for new card. Will this sort the problem out. Thank you all again.


Support will be best placed to give you advice. Let us know what happens

No problem :+1: I’m sure Monzo will sort it all out for you :slight_smile:

If you were worried about your money being taken you could have just put it in a pot as that is ring fenced from the main balance. Would have saved you a bit of effort transferring it out and back again.

make sure you haven’t got “share card replacements” turned on in labs when you reorder your card

Here’s the small print when you pay the trial price:

And the relevant section on refunds in the Terms:

So, make sure you contact their support to request a refund. Keep copies of email communication. Contact Monzo if any problems arise.


Oh dear, thankfully they allow people to cancel after their trial for a full refund.

Always read the fine print :grimacing:

I wouldn’t sign up for anything that auto-subscibed you without an opt-out at the time. These “you can opt-out within x days” things are deliberately designed to catch out people who are not scrupulous with their finances. $79.99 a month indeed.


I mean the whole business is designed to essentially trick people into the stupidly expensive ‘Premium’ service. Hopefully they’re just banking on people not realising they’re being charged for several months and will willingly refund if you spot it early enough.

Amazon Prime is an example of good practice of this. You get emails before your sub starts, you cancel straight away, it’s clearly signposted before you sign up and within the original offer. And you can easily obtain a refund.

This is essentially hidden away on the final payment page.


Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


$79 every 30 days??? OMG… This should be regulated…

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Reminds me of those ringtone businesses years ago. You thought you were paying a one off fee for a terrible polyphonic ringtone but you were actually subscribing to weekly/monthly sub.


hahaha I miss polyphonic ringtones. Now if my phone makes any noise what so ever I freak out :rofl: