HumbleBundle - Cybersecurity

Very neat offer available here:

Apart from some ‘best antivirus you’ve never head about’ in this bundle, there are three products worth specific mention:

  • $25 credit for ProtonMail. What Monzo is for banking… that’s ProtonMail for emails :wink: There is free tier with very decent usage limits, but paid accounts are neat. I have one. :grin: They have domain, which is noice and short :hot_coral_heart:
  • SpiderOak 1TB storage for a year, oh yes. SpiderOak offers no knowledge encryption
  • 1yr Dashlane subscription. If you don’t have password manager, MAYBEEE, now it’s the time.

Dashlane is meh compared to 1Password…


Both are meh in comparison to Bitwarden. :wink: It’s pretty much a preference, as all bigger password managers had hiccups or issues in the past. If someone has no password manager at all and lives on 1-6 reused passwords across all accounts… Dashlane is great! :smiley:


+1 for 1Password… But also for a password manager in general (heck, even the native iOS keychain is better than nothing).

As for ProtonMail - You only really get the full benefit when using with other ProtoMail users (which I’ve found to be rare).

I also think the paid tier of ProtonMail is a bit unnecessary (although I can see why people would pay for it).

That being said, the overall bundle is great value to someone who would use more than 1 of these products.

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Umm, I agree with you, but that’s just human to human aspect. The whole email thing was never designed with privacy in mind, even ProtonMail has to keep all meta data about emails unencrypted, otherwise it can’t function. :sweat_smile: If I really want to keep something private, it can happen on Signal. :wink: So I gave up on emails, they are not private and they were never meant to be.

What is important to me is that my data is encrypted. Protonmail can’t parse my bills, amazon purchases or know how frequently I order takeaway pizza :roll_eyes:. Google could do it. How people I interacted with are aggregated is less important. I’ve sent emails to hundreds of people, but aggregation of received data on the opposite end does not show full picture of myself (well, plenty of my pen pals also have gmail, so… but I know 3 people who still use AOL!).

Certain set of email data is kinda one way, generated by the system/website and it’s my end that’s valuable. I don’t want to freely give it away, especially when online presence is actually huge chunk of my ‘personality’. This overused saying “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” is true. :smiley:

So, I’m not disagreeing with you, emails are rubbish and privacy of communications is not improved by Protonmail. But I see benefits from not sharing my own email data with ESP and that was Protonmail’s selling point. And they are a Swiss company, it’s just too sexy. :blush:

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An an experienced MSP, I would absolutely avoid most of that - dashlane to be fair is quite good, however the free personal version of LastPass is by far superior in my opinion.

TBH I think the year of PIA is worth the cost of admission, alone. You could argue day and night about which VPN is the best, etc, but at the end of the day it comes down to this:

Are you using a VPN?
No: Just pick one and start using it, £11 for a year of PIA is great.
Yes: Good, when you come to renew, look at your options.

Simple, really :slight_smile: