Advanced money management tools for joint accounts 🆕

To be fair, these are not “new” Monzo features, but they are just new to Joint accounts. As someone who uses these already on my personal account, the fact I can now also use them with my Joint account means I can more effectively manage our Joint finances to the same level as my personal ones.
Might not be for everyone, but certainly something to be appreciated by a lot of people here who have been asking for Joint Account parity for years.


Virtual cards are per user, so if your partner also upgraded to Extra, they would get 5 cards to use too. Not exactly what you’re asking for, but something to consider.

Nice little pop-up notification when a paid user selects a custom category on a Joint account transaction, informing you the other JA holder will get the custom category:


Good job :monzo: @rossmonzo :+1:


Very happy to see this! :raised_hands:


I don’t have a joint account but it’s great to finally see this!
Well done!


Got my Google Sheets export working.
We still need transactions made via virtual cards attached to pots to show in the exports, but it’s great to see Joint account getting the treatment.


This is great @rossmonzo. Just one teensy weensy thing…

I understand why a user who doesn’t pay can’t manage virtual cards on the j/a, but it would be really useful if they could view the details to be able to make use of them.

Edit: in the same way that the second (unpaid) user can see but not manage custom categories.


With custom categories, what would happen if you decided to stop paying for Extra? Would the software go back and apply the best suitable standard category for every single transaction in the past?

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I was unable to activate the Google Sheet export. When tapping on the feature ‘Auto-spreadsheet’ in Extra the screen never loaded. Deleting the app and reinstalling Monzo fixed this and the screen loaded correctly allowing me to set up the export.

  • iOS 17.5.1

Would it be useful ? Equally simple - create your own virtual card on the same joint pot. Which you can do.

Only if you’re on a paid account.

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So now with virtual cards joint payments can come out of a joint bills pot along with direct debits :slight_smile:

Unless I am missing something the only payment that can’t be managed with pots / virtual cards is the Monzo Extra fees?


Ok, but couldn’t you just share the details?

Good first step but for goodness sake please extend joint account functionality eg overdraft asap to be the same as for personal asap!

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It’s not as simple as just switching it on for joint accounts, there will need to be a new joint-assessment of eligibility for overdraft etc. Which I’m sure they’ll work on, but just highlighting they can’t just say “you have 1,000 personal overdraft, you can use that in your joint account too”

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Hey, we’re working on this at the moment, but I don’t have an eta just yet. :grinning:


We’ve never bothered with JA’s and neither of us bank with Monzo but if we did, I could absolutely see how this would benefit us.

Love to see it.

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Glad to see this functionality but it does feel a bit mean I can’t use my virtual cards on joint because I’m only on Plus?

I understand wanting people to upgrade but just don’t need any of the other features. I would pay for it if it unlocked every feature for both of us.

This is fantastic. I’m so pleased these features are now shareable. I’m on the train to London, and merrily passing the time recategorising 5 years of JA transections :smile:


This just popped up above the card stack on ‘Home’:


And I received an email at the same time announcing the new features.

Great work :monzo: :+1:

EDIT: Just in case tapping on :point_up: this notification causes the app to crash, I tapped on it :scream: And… it walks through the following screens perfectly well: