Address book for payees

How about an address book for non monzo bank transfers.

Eg when you receive a payment, it gives you an option to make a transfer to that person. It would be nice to also save that contact in an address book for later use.


You should be able to click on an incoming transfer and then click the button to send money back. I use this a lot!

You’ll also be pleased to hear the payments tab will be having a refresh soon. There’s some aspects that could make it a lot easier such as saving contacts without having to transfer money.

Yes I can do that but I don’t always want to transfer them any money but I might say a month or so down the line and having an address book style thing would save me having to search for the payment if I even remembered they sent me something.

Maybe it could also tie into the switch service so that if a contact switches these details are also automatically updated too (I know the switch guarantee will mean payments will be redirected but to have it update the information will be even better)

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This happens automatically as part of the switch service (regardless of which bank you are with). I’m sure (hope) Monzo would have it implemented - the bank automatically updates the payee information for anyone who’s previously transferred money to you so they don’t notice there’s a difference it just works as they’d expect it to even if you’ve changed your account.

(note: this isn’t the same thing as the payment redirection if someone uses your old account details, this is a separate thing)

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