Add the ability to minimise/hide X days from now items from transaction feed

One thing I love about Monzo is how they show you your Direct Debits and BACS payments 3-4 days in advance, it allows you to check for anything unexpected and amend your Bills Pot to match.


When you get shown 10+ Direct Debits 4 days in advance and have to scroll past them in your feed every time you use your app for the next 4 days is a major irritant, it would be ok for 1 or 2 but when it pushes ‘Today’ miles below the fold it’s a pain in the backside.

It’d be nice if there could be a way to hide them or dismiss them once you’ve seen them??

Maybe let you dismiss them like the Monzo labs items in the feed but then they’re on the Bills Pots screen if for some reason you need to see them again? I don’t know what the answer is but I’d like to see a change. It happens every month for me and is becoming increasingly more annoying

A single feed item that can be expanded would seem to be the most elegant solution.

“You have 10+ Direct Debits coming out”

Tap that one line, and it either expands in the feed to list them all, or takes you to a details page. Then you can collapse the list again after checking, or back out of the details page to the feed.

Whether that is possible on a technical level or not, though, I don’t know. Have my vote, anyway.


That actually was my first thought however I was thinking of it in terms of a website where’d you’d use something called an accordion, however I couldn’t think of anywhere Monzo already use one.

Looking back, there’s no reason they couldn’t just have that button and cause the screen with the direct debits to pop up like they do quite a lot elsewhere.

This issue is actually my biggest gripe with Monzo currently but your idea would solve it completely, I hope they look at this one day

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Good idea & voted :+1:

I’d like to see future transactions rolled up into a single tap area, like as is used for ‘Year in Monzo’/etc., as it is simple and clean.

Admittedly, if you only have one upcoming transaction then the single tap area would take up a similar space, so maybe introduce this ‘roll-up’ only when you have more than one transaction in the same future day? Here’s a mock-up of such a tap area below the card;

When tapped on, the future (greyed-out) transactions are shown in the feed as normal, and the tap area could change to ‘Tap to hide future transactions’ and they roll-up and are hidden again when tapped.


+1 on this.

Especially as since Friday I had 5 or 6, some for today and then tomorrow too.

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Pay all my bills on 1st of month and it’s kind of annoying when 3 or 4 days before they are due they are all listed above those recent transactions which forces me to scroll down to see what I’ve actually spent.

It’s great they are there for review. I like that. But is there no way they could not roll them up into a ‘See Pending’ header that you select to expand the list of pending and then collapse it back down when youve reviewed.

Hey @Darren2455,

Great idea! If I understood it correctly, I think it has been suggested before:

Make sure to add your vote there to have them all in the same place!

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Haha thanks. My searching skills are weak!:joy:

The start of every month that goes by makes me hope for this as a feature more and more! It’s driving me mad, especially months like this one where I have had 14 transactions blocking my feed for 5 days.

Please Monzo Gods, minimise it!


Another bump for this one.

Even with my card “minimised” my direct debits etc due to come out in 4 days are taking up the whole screen.

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I’ve got the bank holiday feed bloat too. Can’t see any recent transactions without scrolling through all the future greyed-out ones. Quite depressing to see all those values which will hit the account at once on Tuesday :money_with_wings:


But also nice to feel rich for once :laughing: then on Tuesday I’ll be poor again.


Yup, i’ve got 12 for 4 days from now

I really hope they can do something with this

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