Bill sharing

Not sure if this is just me unable to work shared tabs. But is it possible to click a payment in Monzo and ask for the entire payment to be paid by someone else via their Monzo or via a link etc.
Basically one reason I do this often is I have amazon prime and people ask me to order things. They are footing the full bill.

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I’d imagine both Shared Tabs and Split the Bill are, by their very nature, supposed to include you as someone who pays a portion, hence why you can’t just ask someone for the whole of the bill.

I can’t think of a way of handling this other than using the Request tab on Payments and simply creating a link (via the Customise amount or add note item) for the specific amount you’re after.


Its possible to split a bill and request the person to pay the full amount :blush: just type the full amount for that person like this

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Ok that’s great. I don’t think I could do that last time I tried. :slight_smile:

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