Roadmap for Monzo USA

Monzo USA shared their roadmap.


A lot of the “maybe’s” are fantastic. In particular those Bill Pots I always go on about. :slight_smile:


It’s great to see how much they’ve done already


As a Monzo UK user, this suggestion interests me the most because it’s not in Monzo UK:

This idea has been suggested for Monzo UK here:


It’s super useful. It’s how Simple works now. Set a holiday goal of 500 dollars by a certain date and depending on how far out it is you can set a funding schedule of X dollars per pay day to hit that goal.

looks like monzo quietly joined the moneypass atm network! (considering the abundance of 7-11s in most cities, this will come in handy!)



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I honestly dont understand why monzo ever moved away from trello.

Its so clear and concise :ok_hand: hopefully they bring it back to the uk side of things


I really like Freetrades Trello, they keep on top of it too, it’s great to see things progressing!

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The trello board is now accepting votes!

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Well isn’t this a kick in the teeth to those of us that have been asking for this for ages for the UK account.

Or even just updating what was meant to be its replacement over at Making Monzo.

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Is there a limit in the amount -daily or monthly- that can be withdrawn from ATM without any surcharge form Moneypass ATMs?

The most requested feature is “a way to digitally deposit checks” - 28 votes followed by “a way to have joint accounts” - 19 votes



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