Add custom images to your Pots


Is this on the TestFlight version or the pleb version? I’m not seeing it yet. Grim.

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“pleb” version, I don’t run beta/test stuff on my main device (a harsh lesson learned a few years ago).

FYI - there isn’t any visual announcement, just need to edit a Pot and click the image and see what happens (I think I was waiting for a ‘release’ or something…)


Aye, I just have the “pick from Monzo gallery” option - so it must be a slow rollout to random users

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As others have suggested, and I think it makes sense, likely a way to balance the load on servers lest we all start uploading loads of images at the same time? Fingers crossed you get it soon.

(Nathan) #147

Weird thing i dont get is why wasnt this released to testflight or beta users first if that is the case?

Isn’t that the whole point of these programs. And these users take part in these programs to get early access in exchange for early testing and feedback.


I agree. Surely there’s fewer people on TestFlight than 20% of all iOS users

(Micky) #149

Maybe it’s no longer a case of testing but actually rolling out the feature to everyone gradually. Only someone at Monzo could answer this though

(Jordan) #150

I think it’s because the feature isn’t in “test” phase anymore and just requires a slower roll-out than anything else.

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wonder how many users have this feature but don’t know they have it , as you say there is no “announcement” in app

I found it by “account” tapping on the “pot” which then brings up “edit pot” at the top right of screen, tap “edit pot” , then need to tap on the pot card image which then brings up the option to "pick from camera roll "

no way would you find it by initially looking at your pots

(Richard Cook) #152

Don’t worry, we’ll announce it all over social once it’s reached a few more people.

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I can change image too :sunglasses:

(Sean) #154

Ooh I been waiting for this happen so much!! Can’t wait for mine to change :raised_hands::grin: I’ve got pots to change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Social eh? Kids these days…

Genuinely though, is there a facility to make ‘announcements’ in-app? For those who don’t use social media heavily.


They sometimes add a feed item to the Home tab, or for bigger features they do a full screen splash when you open the app.

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I’ve noticed that when adding images if you keep it in the square when you save it it cuts the image anyway

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Ahhh good to know, I’m still too new to have seen that in action! Cheers.


If you go to “Help” then “Making Monzo” (it’s quite near the bottom), you can opt to be notified when certain upcoming features become available.

(Nathan) #160

Surely that defeats the purpose then? If its now ready to be rolled out then why not give it to testflight/beta users when it was in final stage of employee testing

(Jordan) #161

Because there isn’t a case for implementing through TestFlight at any point?

If it is just an iteration of a feature (and something as small as changing the image of a locked pot) why would you push it through TestFlight?

(Nathan) #162

Im not refuting that at all im just pointing out theres a bit of an identification issue going on and same could be said for labs of whats the use in it?

What should go into beta/testflight version testing?
To me id use it as a last sanity check before a rollout

  • Its gone through employee testing
  • Its all gone ok in beta/tf
  • Then do phase/full rollout

The accounts tab rollout as well could go through a similar process.