Add custom images to your Pots


I think they confirmed that the images will be stored on their servers. This was also one of the reasons for the delay. Don’t ask me to back this up, but I remember seeing it somewhere

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Misread as ‘second penis enlargement pot’…

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I am not one of the chosen ones :sleepy::sleepy:

I shall have to wait to put Hamm as my piggy bank (round-up) pot image

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I don’t recall seeing this but I’m not 100% sure so I could also be proven wrong.

However, I do remember this being an option when Monzo were discussing how they would build this. EG

  • 3rd party stock image library
  • Your local image library
  • Monzos own image library
  • Store our images on their server

Then pros and cons of each were discussed, so perhaps this is what you’re remembering? :man_shrugging:

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I guess its stored on their servers incase you loose your phone or get a new one. When you add you account to a new device, your pot images are brought across too :man_shrugging:

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20% of TestFlight users or 20% of all users? (Assuming test flight?)

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Also joint accounts

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I’m not on TF and it’s enabled for me, so must be a roll out across all users

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I’ve pre-emptively located images for some of my pots. Just waiting for this, new account tab, and Amex integration, and I’ll be happy!!

Well, until the next thing that I must have.

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I didn’t get a golden ticket then :frowning:

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Your “tax” pictures are slightly concerning! :eyes:

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I’m undecided which to go with.

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I’d use this for my tax…

Custom Pot - images to use
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It’s got to be the monopoly man

Custom Pot - images to use
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I can’t wair! How long until a general rollout?

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I wonder if the number of pots will increase now (even on average) as people start to get this!