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I have gone all in on the CA - I’ve moved over all my Direct Debits, Salary and use it for all of my day to day spending. Only time I use my legacy account (with Lloyds) is paying in cash/cheques, and the PrePaid card is only used when people use payments.


(Jake Tame) #32

Be awesome to know what timings are in monzo speeak

Very Soon
Very Very Soon
Near Future
Did I miss any?



(James Murray-Ferris) #33

Distant near future :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:?


(Tristan Thomas) #34

Very very soon = we’re using it internally, it should be in the App Store/Play Store last week of October :slight_smile:


(MikeF) #35

I must be uniquely unusual in never having used

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(Jake Tame) #36

Awesome thanks @tristan. Is this post app merge? :slight_smile:


(Tristan Thomas) #37

Yes — it’ll only come in the app stores version :slight_smile:


(James Murray-Ferris) #38

I’ve never used it either I don’t think :thinking:



Here’s your opportunity :wink:



I’ve never used it either but I would prefer to be the recipient :wink:

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I use the CA in the same way as the prepaid card and it occurs to me all of the analytics are basically worthless to me because of that - my spends are my spends and It is there to be blown.

At the moment because there are no real incentives and it still seems a bit buggy, I don’t plan to use it as my main current account and I’m not seen anything at present that would make me switch.


(Hugh) #42

Out of interest which bugs have you found? I haven’t personally found any and I use it as my main current account!



I got debited twice for cash from an ATM - a day apart but the same transaction. They refunded me quickly and said it was a problem on their side. Even if it wasn’t buggy, there isn’t any financial incentive to switch.


(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #44

That’s somewhat debatable :wink:

Whilst I completely agree in some aspects, I can’t say it’s all true :smiley: First and foremost, there’s no interest being gained on your balance and there’s no “£100 for signing up” bonus… Which other banks certainly do offer! :slight_smile:

But with Monzo’s future vision of banking, there’s a lot of financial incentive on the table.

Analysing your spending and offering cheaper alternatives:

Spending Targets:

Spending Breakdown:

IMO, all of these things (and I’m sure many more which we’ve not even heard about yet) will (and do) play into the immense service that Monzo offer :smiley:

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Sure but that’s an argument to the future - when they arrive I’ll be happy to consider them and I might change my mind…



I understand the ‘no financial incentive to swtich’, but buggy? I’ve yet to find bugs.

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(Tony Hoyle) #47

The financial incentive to switch is quite interesting.

I’m finding a similar effect to when I start watching my electricity usage… because I was able to monitor it I changed my behaviour without really being aware of it. Being constantly aware of my balance means I haven’t been spending the same things, but I’m just not aware of actually changing my behaviour at all… so my wages are due in a few days and I have… HOW MUCH?? left? Beers for everyone!


(Hugh) #48

I have the complete opposite! :joy:

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I agree with this, I am so much more aware of the money I have and the money I have spent using Monzo, and thats not changed migrating to the CA.

I will get paid into it Wednesday next week (hopefully) and then see if I can manage it without pots / separating …

I like that my payment on my credit card shows up quicker than going from my Santander CA… and its a Santander CC :neutral_face:

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