'Active' pot for card payments


I absolutely love pots and separate my money into distinct budgets i.e. groceries, entertainment, clothes etc. However, to spend from a budget I have to transfer the allocated money from the pot to the ‘available balance’, use the card and then put the remaining back into the pot. This process is not ideal!

Please can we have the option to select a pot as ‘Active’ and for any card payments to then come out of the ‘Active’ pot.

If I go to the supermarket I select groceries as the active pot. If I go to the pub I select entertainment.

This would greatly enhance the functionality and ease of use of pots.

Tap the pot and spend from there
(Stu Hodgson) #2

I believe POTS is in its infancy and there are good things coming in the future. Things like having DDs and SOs for pots and sharing pots so that others can use it and put money into it.

If and when they get this sorted, I think this would enhance and facilitate almost everyones banking needs. (i.e. no need for joint accounts, separate current accounts etc.)