ACH debits are now enabled 🚀

Agree. it is a pain to contact PayPal. You have to go in circles to speak with someone, if you are willing to wait for hours :rage:

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Another reason I hate PayPal. I had the same error on PayPal UK when trying to add a couple of accounts once. One Monzo, one Nationwide (big, established building society), and the issue was definitely with PayPal’s temperamental systems, as it happened with both and I’d previously added them successfully (though later removed them). Can’t remember what I did to get it to work in the end, think I just gave up and came back later.


After a week or so of calling they told me
it is the Bank’s issue

That’s usually their default answer for everything


We are still talking to PayPal but as you can imagine it’s not a fast process there. We’ve also chased up with our contacts at CashApp who have confirmed they’ve identified the bug stopping their system accepting the Monzo routing number & account numbers, and are working on a fix.


Hope this gets fixed soon as Zelle isn’t possible, and I personally can’t use Venmo as my iphone App Store is set as UK and doesn’t access it. I have to keep my App Store as UK for now due to some subscriptions I have.

Subscriptions will continue in the original country store until you cancel them, you can freely switch your store with no ill effect.

Not with Apple TV - I’ve been told I have to cancel it to switch and I currently have a free one year subscription which I would lose.

I just have separate App Store/iTunes accounts. One each in the US and Canada where I get the majority of my apps from, and one in Japan with my Apple Music subscription on it (the Japan version has more of the music I want).


That isn’t true.

Sure you can switch the store country to window shop, but you cannot use an alternate locality without canceling subscriptions.

Something I have had to do.

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I got it wrong, I have multiple Apple IDs. That’s why mine were fine.

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Is there any plan for compatibility with Plaid, the US service which interfaces with nearly every bank to link your account to apps like Venmo, or TrueBill, etc?

It’s essentially instant verification rather than the two small deposit verification method that takes a few days.


Also, a lot of banks and services only accept plaid and don’t allow for manual verification.


I think you’d struggle with an unconventional cheque jn the UK in practice, nationwide couldn’t process a 10 year old cheque(the book was that old) as it wouldn’t scan :slight_smile: