ACH debits are now enabled 🚀

Exactly. It sounds crazy. When Venmo works fine with Monzo, Venmo’s parent company PayPal doesn’t play nice with Monzo. While CashApp works fine with Monzo debit card, it doesn’t accept Monzo bank account number. Not sure where the actual issue is - at Monzo end or other end. I think this is where Chime bank shines. Chime even works with and Plaid.

It’s better if you use a Visa card - it’s normally instant

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I am not trying to transfer money out from PayPal. Trying to use Monzo to pay through PayPal. Whenever I make a payment using PayPal, the money will be pulled from Monzo. In order to make it happen, first I need to verify and link my Monzo account to PayPal. This is where I am stuck as the trial deposits from PayPal are not showing up at Monzo :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Monzo should really be a launch partner / member of

The issue with PayPal deposits is that our ACH intermediary classes anything from PayPal (specifically PayPal, not just any company owned by PayPal) as a particular class of deposits. They have slightly different logic for them compared to everything else, and it is currently not configured correctly to interact with our API for receiving notifications of these transactions. We’re working with them to fix this ASAP.

This issue is on CashApp’s side. We’ve been in touch with some contacts we have at Square and they’re looking to fix this for us :crossed_fingers: