Account rejection appeals process

Tried to apply for a monzo and based on my exceptional credit score and other financial factors I was hugely supprised to be rejected, is there a process I can go through to have my application reviewed as I can’t see what is preventing me.

Either email, chat or a phone call I’d just like them to take a look.

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You can email review@ but they will most likely not reply, if they do they won’t tell you why you were rejected.

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Neither of these things guarantee you any financial product I’m afraid. I this is the email address but you’ll just get the same copy and paste reply.


They already took a look, that’s why you got a no.


That’s very disheartening to read, I could understand if I had some hidden loan or something extremely damaging on file but I this situation I can’t see what they are using to prevent me being accepted, yet I able to get a mortgage various credit cards etc etc…

Appreciate the responses guys, I’ll try the review@ route and leave it there if no response.


This always gets me.

Credit scores are just made up numbers designed to sell you stuff.


It could be anything, which they won’t tell you anyway. Good luck but expect to either hear back with a no, or not at all. Some people have emailed review@ and not heard back for quite some time.

There’s always chase and starling of course.

Sidenote: Around June last year I applied for a HSBC account, good credit score the lot. Got a nice but disappointing letter a week later saying thank you but no. I figured the fact I’d just shed my mortgage with them and gone elsewhere for the new house might’ve impacted that decision.

A few months later accepted and account open straight away. So the moral is, it’s a purely made up set of reasons why a bank may, or not, want you as a customer.

This would be fine but I don’t think Monzo let you attempt to join again in future, seems to be if you are rejected first time then F off.

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It is very frustrating I’m sure, but maybe the recent news surrounding Nigel Farage having accounts cancelled and other banks refusing him an account may change the process in future. It looks like banks will need to be much more transparent in their decisions to refuse accounts and provide customers with at least reasoning!

I doubt it. I reckon within a month it’ll all be forgotten about and things will continue as is.

That letter was very much just “My Mum has told me to apologies for knocking and running Mr Farrage”

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It is not going to detail it exactly. Not a chance.

It might say something slightly more than “No” but more like “Unfortunately there was something in your application that goes against our risk appetite” but not getting to “We can’t take you on as a customer because you’re a gambler”


I thought the upcoming changes were just for banks deciding to close existing customer accounts?

They have to give you a reason now, now it could be a template of various scripted generic reasons, but it’s something, and you’ll also now be able to challenge the decision and get the FoS to look at it, so you have a chance of keeping the account.

I don’t think there was anything related to being able to open a bank account, or being denied an account, though that is the next logical step.


It’s worth a try. I had a NatWest account opening rejected online but they allowed me to appeal and they reversed the decision. Had to set it up on the phone and they botched up my DOB/name which led to having to go through 3 hard credit checks to get their bank account (which I only wanted for the 6% linked saver) but I got there in the end.

I closed my account and after 2 months I missed Monzo features so I tried to rejoin. I too were rejected. I did however send an email to monzo and the appeals team and about 3 weeks later they did open me an account. I won’t be closing the account again as I do think Monzo features are a great tool.