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i have requested for Monzo account on Monday at 1:40pm by uploading my Pakistani Passport and Small video along with all required information. I landed in UK on 3 December 2020 under Tier 2 general visa (work Visa) for Three years. More than 45 hours have already passed and it is still appearing under the application that we are verifying information. How long further will it takes?

no one here can answer that question.

It takes as long as it takes to verify your identity, credit check you and decide if you meet their criteria.

For some people it’s very quick and for others it’s not

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Hi. Nobody here can tell you because we don’t know. You’ll just have to wait for Monzo to do their checks I’m afraid.



Is there any email address or number through which i can get in touch with Monzo?

But they are very slow to reply and they’ll just tell you to wait for their decision in the app.

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