Time Stamp on Foreign Transactions

Have just returned from a holiday to Greece, where I used my Monzo card.

Looking back through my transactions from that trip, I would like to clarify - are the date and time of my transactions shown in the local date and time (i.e. time stamped), OR now that I am back in the UK, are they shown in GMT?


I would expect them to always be shown in the local time of the bank account, UK time in this case. It could be though that if your OS’s time zone is changed the times are adjusted to the local time zone.


They show UK time - here’s breakfast :fried_egg: in Oz :australia:

Shows as 22:24


It would be useful if (card-present) foreign transactions could additionally show local time - feature request?

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Out of interest, how would you use that information?

As an example, I recently went on holiday to Ukraine with some friends, and paid for both private things and group things with my Monzo card, but we only had sporadic internet access. The metadata / locations with those transactions was wacky to say the least, but I had separately made a note of every time I spent money, or kept the receipt.
On coming back and making up a spreadsheet of what everyone owed everyone else, it was a bit of a pain remembering and cross-referencing everything, and local times would have made it a tiny bit easier.
I realise this is quite an edge case, and it wasn’t impossible without local times, and maybe I should have had internet access, I should have made better notes, or used the note fields in the Monzo app, calculating local time is easy, maybe I should have monzo.me’d everyone in real time rather than deferring the admin until weeks later, etc. etc. … ah well

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Late reply but for business, date stamping is essential.

For example, in Dunsford’s receipt from Melbourne, you’re 9-11 hours ahead of the UK (depending on daylight saving) and often into the next day. You can get really muddled trying to report expenses and allocate them to specific meetings and individuals.

Or trying to figure out what meal you were having at 22:24

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