Account creation. Card declined but £100 taken from account


I received the email saying that I could sign up for an account. The app was loaded on to my iphone and I entered the details for the £100 topup.

The app then said that my card was declined but I should try a different card. However when I check my account there is a £100 difference between the available and actual balance so it appears it has been processed.

How do I get the £100 refunded as I cannot go any further with the mondo app and I am not going to have another go at loading another £100 on the account.


Ok. I closed and opened the app and now it says my card is on its way with a button to confirm receipt.

Seems I hit a bug and not a very nice one at that.

not a great confidence builder to start your Mondo experience , Mondo have been having a few problems today - Not showing spending todays or topups hopefully it will only get better from now on :wink: - worth signing up to SMS notifications when you receive your card

Thanks for the link. I am now getting the card is on its way emails so lets see what turns up by Friday.

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Sorry about that! Please let us know if you have any further problems :slight_smile: As Ian said, we’ve been moving infrastructure which has caused a few…ahem…snags :wink: