ACH debits are now enabled 🚀

I think you’d struggle with an unconventional cheque jn the UK in practice, nationwide couldn’t process a 10 year old cheque(the book was that old) as it wouldn’t scan :slight_smile:


Just following up to see if there’s been any update with linking Monzo bank accounts to PayPal. Many people still prefer PayPal over Venmo, etc so it’s pretty critical for me.


Just wanted to check in on this (no pun intended), but have you been able to successfully write a check from your monzo US account since then?

(I also contacted support to verify just in case too)


Still no luck with USAA


A lot of US banks use Plaid to link accounts for ACH transfers. Is this on the roadmap for Monzo US?

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Hi all, yes we’re actually currently working on Plaid integration and we’re hoping to have this ready within the next couple of months so keep a look out!

Apologies for the delay in addressing some of the other questions on this thread. To cover a few:

  • Unfortunately we identified an issue with USAA a while back where they are blocking our routing number, which is why you’ll see an error trying to link to them at the moment. We’re currently trying to work through this issue with them.

  • There shouldn’t be any issues linking your account with PayPal at the moment, though we’ve seen intermittent problems with setting up account linking in the past. We’d recommend waiting a couple days and trying to link again, and contacting them directly if that doesn’t work

  • Unfortunately custom checks are not supported at the moment, but we’ll likely look into some sort of bill pay solution which would allow a check to be sent in situations where the recipient would need one. We don’t have any immediate plans for this but it’s something we’re planning on looking into down the line


Would this be centrally-printed, fully filled-out checks sent out by Monzo directly to the recipient in the post, for one-off payments, which you could “generate” in the app?

That sounds like a good solution if you aren’t going to support books of checks. I know that KBC Bank Ireland already do this for basic bank account customers (who can’t have chequebooks as they aren’t eligible). I believe the funds leave your account immediately when the cheque is generated, and then the recipient just treats it like a normal cheque/check. Although I suppose it is technically a “cashier’s cheque”, as it doesn’t need to clear in the traditional way when the funds are already ring-fenced.

I could imagine Monzo would have the ability to make this process really elegant in-app with detailed visibility over the process, including status from generation to posting, to eventual cashing and full clearing. Probably with nice in-app flows for cancelling an uncashed or lost cheque, etc, as well.

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Still no luck linking to PayPal (picture) or Robinhood using routing and acc numbers…


This is how most banks in the US do bill pay for small billers not set up to accept electronic payments, so I’d imagine so.

This is where Monzo could stand out. The way other banks do it so far, you basically have no view into what’s going on once you’ve entered the payment request in online banking or on the bank’s app, so if it’s gone missing or been otherwise delayed somewhere from issuance to cashing, it’s difficult to track down. Being able to know where your bill payment check is every step of the way would be an improvement.


Will Plaid be a topic on the Zoom tomorrow?

Who the hell Styled their website to look like iOS5/6 and doesn’t update it?

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Hey Jeremy, yes we will be talking about Plaid and a bit more about the technical side of the integration in today’s event!

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Fantastic! Thank you.

Hi Dillion, I didn’t know there was a call, but would love an update on you guys supporting Plaid. I’d like to connect YNAB to my Monzo account.


This is possible with UK accounts via the Monzo API (I use this) - but not sure about USA accounts.


I did see that (, but unfortunately they don’t support any US banks at this time (including Monzo). I tried setting it up myself using the authors source code, but couldn’t get it working.

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Try the Heroku method:

Full credit to @BritishLibrary for this from a good few years ago now. The YNAB-linking is still working perfectly for me - all Monzo Personal and Joint account transactions auto-appear in YNAB, almost as soon as they happen.


Hi David, that’s exactly what I was trying to do, but ended up getting an error on the build that it wasn’t using the correct version of Ruby. I contacted the developer about it and he said “I am not sure why it’s trying to install 2.5.1, as we specify a higher version.” and that there was a similar issue reported here:

So I’m kind of stuck there unfortunately.

Here’s the output I get when I click Deploy:

-----> Building on the Heroku-20 stack
-----> Determining which buildpack to use for this app
-----> Ruby app detected
-----> Installing bundler 1.17.3
-----> Removing BUNDLED WITH version in the Gemfile.lock
-----> Compiling Ruby/Rails
Command: 'set -o pipefail; curl -L --fail --retry 5 --retry-delay 1 --connect-timeout 3 --max-time 30 -s -o - | tar zxf - ’ failed on attempt 1 of 3.
Command: 'set -o pipefail; curl -L --fail --retry 5 --retry-delay 1 --connect-timeout 3 --max-time 30 -s -o - | tar zxf - ’ failed on attempt 2 of 3.
! The Ruby version you are trying to install does not exist on this stack.
! You are trying to install ruby-2.5.1 on heroku-20.
! Ruby ruby-2.5.1 is present on the following stacks:
! - cedar-14
! - heroku-16
! - heroku-18
! Heroku recommends you use the latest supported Ruby version listed here:
! Heroku Ruby Support | Heroku Dev Center
! For more information on syntax for declaring a Ruby version see:
! Specifying a Ruby Version | Heroku Dev Center
! Push rejected, failed to compile Ruby app.
! Push failed


Things have obviously moved on, whereas connections made way-back-when seem to continue to work OK - and because I’m still working, I don’t really want to dig and break something if I’m being totally honest!

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I totally understand! If I had it working I wouldn’t want to be messing with it either.

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