Ability to pay incrementally on Monzo?

I was wondering if there is an ability to pay incrementally on Monzo. I am a daily user and I use the normal splits etc, the shared tab didn’t work for me for my purpose either. I was wondering if there is a feature that I am not aware of potentially

I’ve got a request to pay £1000 from a friend who is also on Monzo. Is there a way on Monzo to pay it off incrementally where that payable amount decreases over time?

There’s Monzo flex, which I think is just about what you are asking for, but it doesn’t cover bank transfers.

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why not just tell your friend you need to pay them in instalments and then agree a set rate every month / week

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I think it’s a good idea, especially when you expect to add new things to the tab,
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You could set up a standing order (under Payments->select/enter the payee and select “Schedule payment (or create a standing order)”): Say you want to repay the £1,000 at £100 per week: just set the payment amount to 100, repeating every week for 10 weeks. Job’s done! (although it’ll be nice if Monzo had the facility to set “Stop payments at £xxx total” or a facility to “Track repayments”).

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I was thinking more outside of the standing order & direct debit options. It could be a good idea if Monzo would allow payment requests to be incrementally paid. Something like flex but not where it’s in a credit agreement

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This how I use my account as part of a financial plan, simple but effective!