Person to person flex

Hi - I love using Monzo. Great service, easy to use app.

One feature I thought might improve it would be the ability to pay someone back in instalments (similar to how the new flex works). Currently, if someone lends you money, you can set up a standing order to repay them, but you might underpay, or overpay if you forget to cancel. It’s hard to keep track of. With this idea, the payments would come out automatically at a chosen interval and stop once the amount is paid off, and it would be easier to monitor - there could be a screen where you can view the amounts paid and due etc.

Hi Adam,

Cool concept however you can just set up a standing order for a set amount of payments for set amounts as well.


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If someone lends you money I would say it’s polite to make absolutely sure you keep track of what you pay back so you repay them quickly, and without putting them in an awkward position of having to correct you.

But, yeah, this already exists with being able to schedule a standing order to stop after a certain number of payments.

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Thanks both - could you let me know where to find this? I’ve looked under Payments > Scheduled, but can only find the option to repost until a certain date?

If not a new feature, I think what I’m suggesting would at least be an enhancement/enrichment of the existing. You could have a slider to reduce/increase the amount if circumstances change, and this would automatically adjust the number of payments.

I think something more formal like this helps avoid the ‘awkwardness’ and ensures the pressure isn’t on one side to nudge or correct the other. I agree with you, but unfortunately, not everyone is as conscientious. This would also take the hassle out of having to keep track of it yourself.

I wasn’t aware of the feature you mentioned, so I’ll check that out and see if it meets the requirement.

Thanks for the quick response!