Ability to lock pot until a certain amount is met

This would make it easier to save.
Locking a pot until a date it met helps but what if the goal isn’t met before the date?

Locked pots used to be amazing but some people (openly as well) misused and abused the feature which resulted in the minority ruining it for the majority.

As a results locked pots have hardly any friction now until Monzo re-evaluate the whole feature. It has been in this state for a long time.

Here is Monzos explanation and you can then read up on the response from the community too:


Even still, this would work well even with being able to unlock it yourself, no?
They should add a terms agreement to the damn things. If people want to ruin it then there should be a consequence. I.e. if you unlock this pot early you’ll lose x amount.

Charging people to unlock their pots early? I don’t think that would go down well.

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All of what you said, as well as suggestions such as, watching a video you created before you can unlock and nominating a friend to unlock are all in the topic I linked for you :slight_smile: and here:



If only it was that simple mate, basically when told they were using it wrong people continued to feel they should be allowed to use them the unintended way they were.

This was causing alot of extra work for cops and then in turn monzo pulled it and ruining it for the many that were using it as it should have been used.

Can’t see them going back to fix it in the near future, not a profitable feature so not too high up on the priorities list unfortunately.

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Hi Josh,

I know it’s not the same thing what you ask, however it works fine (in my case).
Basically, I set up my pot with money target so I can see the percentage of my ‘success’. I locked my pot every month for 30 days so I couldn’t change my mind till next payday. When I receive my wage I moved a small percentage of money to my pot and locked again.
I know it’s a bit circumstantial but I learned to be disciplined(or self-disciplined!?)
I realized after two months that I don’t need to lock my pot because I didn’t really want to touch that money. But of course you can continue lock your pot for 30 days again till achieve the goal.

What happened?

You could previously unlock the sealed pots by contacting customer services. It unfortunately it had an impact on customer services and Monzo had no interest in maintaining that support so removed the problem by making them self unlockable.

A program I used to use that I forget the name of made you type out a really long phrase before you could change a certain setting.

Monzo could let you add a customisable phrase

Lockable pots were created to lock your savings away until a certain date so many (myself included) loved this because you could have a Christmas savings pot and lock it until December 1st safe in the knowledge that you were prepared for an amazing Christmas. Money could go in, but none could go out.

Monzo understood that sometimes unexpected things happen and you might need to break the lock to access your savings. So they allowed you, as a last resort, to contact them in app to request an early unlock and they did this by deleting the pot thus releasing the funds.

This was the perfect amount of friction for the majority of people and we all used it as intended - however others didn’t.

Some people were setting a lock date until the year 2099 (for example) and then requesting unlocks through customer services ad hoc. This would be if they fancied a night out, wanted a safeguard their direct debit money etc etc. So instead of locking the pot until the date they needed it, or just storing their money in a regular pot, they abused the locked system.

Ultimately this took it’s toll on COps and I think it was around the time that they were short staffed too, so were already struggling. They therefore changed it so that you could unlock pots yourself.

At first I thought it was that Monzo hadn’t communicated their intended use properly but as people came to the forums to complain that locked pots had changed, it became evident that some people knew exactly what they were doing and didn’t care (many admitted this too). Some were requesting 3 or 4 early unlocks weekly, if not more.

So now I can access my savings on a whim, with no second thought. Whereas before I’d have to consider contacting COps, wait a while for them to reply and then confirm my request. This was enough time for me to consider if I really needed to dip into my savings for more beer on my drunken night out or should I just go home :smiley:

Have a read of the topic if you’re interested. There are also some good suggestions from people (including Monzo) for alternatives but nothing further has been announced on this since.


Regardless of the level of friction that exists on locked pots (or lack thereof), it would still be useful to have the feature suggested here.

I currently have a lock on two pots where I’m saving a specific amount. One is to buy my season ticket at Oxford Utd - having a system that unlocks the pot when I’ve reached the ticket price, would be super useful. Pots already have targets on them so it don’t imagine it would be all that difficult to implement.

The whole pot locking thing was frustrating but people do still use them and do find the low-friction system useful, so let’s not derail a useful suggestion into a discussion about a long dead grievance :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not. I’m giving the asked for context about why this feature request won’t happen anytime soon :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, soz. I have read your first post more carefully now. TBF I initially read it while full of cheese and wine last night! :cheese::wine_glass:


I feel this feature request is not affected by whether their is friction or not to unlock pots

Just have it the same way as the time limit and can be unlocked the same way - no issue with admin staff then

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Regardless of friction the whole locking of pots is being reconsidered. I doubt they’ll do this short term and then scrap it to overhaul them at a later date.

I agree it’s a good suggestion though, just unlikely after recent events :slight_smile:

Haha no worries. Best way to be :sweat_smile:

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This is what i don’t get. If you did this with other banks you’d get a penalty, or you’d quite literally not see the money for 3 months after your request to have it returned.

I don’t really understand Monzos weakness to just put some rules in place? Every other bank already does this with fixed term accounts or notice accounts.

It seems instead of fixing locked pots they just decided to can them. Lack of money and resources to do so? I don’t see any other reasons they would just get rid of them otherwise.

It seems now they’ve replaced locked puts with giving your money to oaknorth et al. to keep for fixed terms.

But it does make me worry a little about Monzos capability under any stress, and their ability to keep features if they are unable to fix them.


So I used a roundup feature on the Monzo app, but just had an idea which would be good to feature.

Instead of only being able to lock pots until a certain date, locking pots to a certain amount would also be cool. Often, I’m saving for a specific item so having the knowledge that this pot will unlock once I’ve reached that amount would be pretty helpful.

Don’t know if anyone else agrees - let me know!