Budgeting apps


I use OnTrees to link my bank and credit card accounts together, this help with budgeting and seeing where all my money is going. It’d be really useful if I’d be able to link my Mondo account in as well rather than having to switch between apps and work it out manually.

The same could probably be said with anyone using budgeting apps that automatically pull in spend data and aggregate it in there. Or maybe the Mondo team might be waiting for bank API legislation to come into effect.

(Ryan) #2

I was looking for something to let me see where my money is going each month and one of my family members recommended a similar app called Pariti, I tried it out and I couldn’t use it because my Barclay’s transactions still took 3-4 days to appear.

I guess Mondo kind of takes care of that problem and gives me a good breakdown of my money, another good reason to get signed up with it :smiley:


Yeah I know what you mean, mondo does a really good job of breaking down what I’m spending on this card. But it would be useful to pull in transactions from my Amex card as well, just to get a bigger overview of all my spending rather than just on one card.

(Ryan) #4

Would be a nice idea, it would mean that it could take ~3-4 days for them to appear if it grabs the data from your bank statements.