Ability to delete past references in payments

Hey guys,

So I tend to pay my credit card off as I go. I used to do this through my Natwest app but now do it via Monzo as it is now my current account. The other day I accidentally made some payments with references referring to what items I was paying off rather than the credit card number which is a Natwest requirement to ensure the money goes against my credit card.

As a result I have 2 payments in limbo which I’m currently working with Natwest to resolve but those accidental references are still showing up. Is there a way to clear those 2 so that the only auto fill option is my credit card number?

Hope this makes sense.

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Hey @WillSK :wave:

I’m really sorry that these payments are in limbo :pensive: have you contacted us on the chat to get any payment references. These can help NatWest find them for you :blush:

As for the reference, if you tap the field, a list of previous references will drop down so you can pick from those.


Yeah I let Natwest know the references (“Petrol” & “Northface Fleece” super exciting I know :expressionless:). I’m sure Natwest will find them I just feel silly making the mistake in the first place and don’t wanna finger slip and make the same one again.

This is why I want to know if I can remove some of the options from the previous references field.

When I pay off my credit card, I always see the reference I previously used for that payee - is that not the case for you, is it the first time yu are paying off your card via Monzo?

There is a unique reference that is created on our end that might be useful. It’s an FPS TRN. Faster payment scheme transaction reference number!

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Hi Beth,

I may get in touch in that case thank you!

@MRMR Sorry I don’t think I’m being v clear. I’ve always paid the credit card off correctly with my credit card number. However on this occasion as I was going through my payments I accidentally transferred 2 with incorrect payments. Therefore my previously used references looks something like this and I want to remove the 2 most recent references so I don’t use them again

  • Petrol
  • Northface Fleece
  • “My credit card number”

I agree that this should be a feature, and perhaps in addition to the ability to set a default reference for a contact which is auto selected upon beginning a new payment to that contact. For those catching up on this topic, when making a payment to a credit card from a debit card, the long card number of the credit card is used as the payment reference so that the receiving bank account knows which specific credit card to add the incoming amount to. In the case of using monzo to initiate this process, it is required to click on the previously used reference (the long card number) every time a payment is to be made, however, in the case of the credit card contact, this would be the only reference ever required, making the need for any other references redundant. Therefore, the ability to remove previous references (in the case of accidental mistyping) or default references for contacts would drastically reduce the margin of error in this process. I am sure there are other scenarios which would benefit from these features.

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Improving payee references is a high priority for us. I just wrote a whole new payee management system and we are going to start using it slowly in the app. Next week we should be launching deletable recent payees, powered by this new system.

The new system has much better support for references and we are hoping to complete the necessary app work for this soon.

Hope this helps!



Sounds fantastic! Looking forward to it!

Thanks! :smiley:

It would be good if you could click on a transaction and see it’s TRN rather than disturb the COps for it


Works well in the current Android Beta :+1:

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So not to completely resurrect this thread but are references now able to be deleted? I know you can delete the payee but I don’t want to do this. I just want to delete a reference I previously used to avoid accidentally using it again

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