A very clever scam

i nearly got caught out with this earlier todayt it all looks very genuine a window pops up supposed to be from ‘windows defender’ and you think your locked out your computer , so natuarly you panic as it looks so real

there is a ‘microsoft’ number to call which again looks genuine and they then remote to your computer , during the 13 min call my partner googled it and found that it was a scam so the call was quickly ended the computer restarted and a virus check run 3 times

so a word of warning if you get a pop up from ‘windows defender’ make sure you have had a read of this first , i hate to think what would have happned to some one on their own


This seems like scam 101 from 2003…
Pretty basic stuff really. Ignore popups, don’t ring “Microsoft”.



This has been around for years but good awareness for those who may be susceptible to things like this.


You’re lucky it wasn’t ransomware! Not quite as simple as just hanging up once you realise what’s going on.


Have to stay off those dodgy sites :sweat_smile:

My only virus protection is and always has been since day of release, windows defender. Simple yet effective.

I casually run malewarebytes free every year or so just to be sure, and then give ccleaner a registry run to rid any unwanted stuff.


I have to trust my Chromebook is doing the job it was designed to do. Tbf been using them years and never an issue at least.


Make sure to uninstall the remote access program if you can see it.

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never came across it it def looks so genuine

ha ha if only the annoying thing is that norton did not pick it up so i wonder if the real windows defender would have

yeah deleted it right away :slight_smile:

Norton is a waste of money IMO. Slows your computer down too.

Malwarebytes is good for things like this, worth doing a free scan to see what it finds.


Do you think using DuckDuckGo or Bravo browsers can help here? I am only relying on Windows Defender by the way.

I’ve only ever really used chrome, and now windows edge as it’s more efficient than most.

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Thanks for the rapid reply.

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cheers downloaded the free trial its not found any thing which is good thankfully :slight_smile:

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There should be a total free version too. Remember to cancel your trial :sweat_smile:

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There isn’t really anything to pickup, there was nothing malicious for an anti virus to pick up, it was just a text popup with a phone number, no files or links to a known malicious site.

The file for remote access isn’t malicious either, it would be a normal remote access commercial tool like TeamViewer.

Just deleting the file may not be enough if the program installed itself if you clicked on it to run ? Do you remember which program remote access program was used?


quick access which seems to be a microsoft thing , and then any desk which i have deleted

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I would recommend using the uBlock Origin extension for Chrome/Firefox/whatever browser you’re using. This will block a range of ads from known networks and I’ve found it is helpful for getting rid of those popups like the one mentioned in this post.

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cheers got that now as well