A sneak peek… Business CASS

Hey everyone :wave:

It’s great to meet you, I’m Rich and I’m an Android Engineer on the Business Banking team. I wanted to share a sneak peek of something we’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks - and something lots of you have asked for - the Current Account Switch Service!

When we’re able to offer more accounts, you’ll be able to switch your business account to Monzo, super simply, all from within the app. Here’s some screenshots of what you’ll see when switching:

There are more steps - but this should give you a flavour of what the process might look like! As ever, these could change over time and with feedback.

We’re really excited that we’re making some progress on business accounts, and we’ll let you know when you’re able to open an account if you’ve joined the waitlist.

What do you think? Will you use the Current Account Switch Service?


This looks so smooth - fantastic!


Looks interesting - thanks for sharing!

The thing that caught my eye was “needs to be signed up as an administrator on your Monzo account”.

It’d be super interesting to hear how you’re dealing with accounts under multiple control and how multiple authorisations work! :raised_hands:


That’s a great question, Peter! We are still figuring out adding various levels of access for business accounts.

In terms of switching, this is to match your old bank’s “mandate” (the list of people authorised to manage a bank account) with Monzo’s business account administrators.

Each of the people on this list needs to be signed up as an administrator of your new Monzo business account before you can perform the switch - allowing your old bank account to be closed automatically.

We’re not totally sure we’ll be calling these users “administrators” but they will be the people with the highest level of control over a business account. :+1:


Very excited for this. I still have a starling business account that clients keep paying into! So having the auto forward would be amazing!!


Brilliant, looking forward to using it!

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Looks great and glad to see you’re using the CASS service as will make it much easier to move across…ready to move across when you guys are to have my business :grin:

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Eagerly waiting to open my business account with Monzo!


looks great! I can’t wait to join and move from HSBC who today wrote to me adding more fees to my monthly fee to be with them!