A new look for the Account tab


I agree looks good but yes, the white space between pot and progress bar needs to be trimmed a bit :blush:. Looks a bit odd with that much space.

(Paul) #84

I think @BethS used a white marker to hide the balances so it looks like white space when in fact it’s hiding text

(Splodf) #85

I’m intrigued by the “coffee/hot chocolate machine” pot. Care to share more details on this pot and it’s weekly/monthly function?


A very close friend gave me money so that I could buy it as a house warming gift when I get a house, so I keep it separate :blush:

(she lives far away)

(Splodf) #87

That’s way better then my imagination let me dream up.

I envisionaged you realised you were spending way more then you should have done on the office vending machine and were trying to cut spending back!

The real reason is so much more wholesome!

(Nathan) #88

Yeah understand that part now.

Stil think the white space both above and below the goal bar should be reduced more like the design pics.

If i had my way id go one further and even push this to the right hand side of the pot image under the pot name.

Could mean alot less screen used if you have numerous pots


There’s some information above the goal bar that I’ve removed - its the % towards the goal


Ah, didn’t notice :joy:


Here is a SUPER exciting pot to see the goal without the white

(Beta User) #92

Please add me to the first portion of the user. Haha . Would like to try it

(Dan) #93

I mean… surely I’m not the only person to spot your “Committed Spend Pot” with a custom looking image?..

Care to explain? This a new feature coming? A pot your Committed Spend comes out of maybe?


We’ve talked about it before on the forums. It’s a super super rough staff iteration that will probably be deleted from the code to make way for a version we can release into the wild.

(Nathan) #95

This is how i think id prefer it to be shown (very roughly)

(Dan) #96

I like the sound of that :wink: did it work well?


Yes and I rely on it so will be hounding whoever makes v1.1


I agree!


Anyone in the Community had this activate for them yet?

(NM) #100

Have you had the “New look account” activated

  • Yes
  • NO

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(Adam) #101

No, but every time I go on the account tab it says “There’s a problem with Monzo servers at the moment”.

Dunno if that has anything to do with it.


Yeah I’ve been getting same message roughly the past 45mins now