A homepage or statement balance per pot

(Xanthia Hooper) #1

I’ve been hunting through the suggestions for improvements for pots but I can’t see that anyone has mentioned about getting a homepage or mini statement for each pot.

I’d find it really useful if each pot had a homepage similar to the one for the main account…so I could see what I’d transferred in and out and what was happening to the balance in each pot - for example so I can see at a glance if I’ve remembered to add funds towards my holiday that month and especially for those times when I have to ‘borrow’ a bit from pot A to top up pot B and later in the month pay pot A back but can’t remember how much!

I should perhaps just fix my cashflow problems :blush:but I’m finding it hard to track this sort of thing easily as it all goes through the main account and the transactions soon get lost further down.

I’m hoping that we’ll soon be able to transfer directly between pots and set up payments from pots, but fingers crossed that each pot gets its own homepage/statement too.

(Only available in amateur ) #2

A bit of a mini workaround for some of the issues you discussed is possible on iOS

Search for the name of your pot on the main transaction feed. Will show all transactions or a limited date range if you press the calendar icon