A few words about how things are going


Imagine the ideas and the input people would have on this place, if the time and character count was used to coincide not collide! flag it and DM seems to be the common agreement, so lets hope we all stick to it :smiley:


Ultimately we need to hold ourselves accountable for the things we say. We are all adults.

Ask yourself: Would I react negatively if I were to read this reply? if the answer is yes then maybe reword it.


Let’s hope this changes after this topic. People can change. Let’s give them the opportunity.

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@cookywook is the Online Community Manager… I think he does a great job here on the forum

Weren’t we just talking about not calling users out directly?

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And this is why we can’t have nice things :frowning_face:

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Hey all,

Unfortunately I’ve already had to remove some posts from this thread. As I said, we’re don’t want to get into any kind of personal attacks, even indirectly alluding to other members.

On the issue of the CC Code of Conduct, it’s currently shared with members when we invite them to join the programme. It’s far more subjective than the overall Community Code of Conduct, and isn’t intended to be a way for non-CC members to attack the CC. Which is what I worry it would be used for.

The overall Code of Conduct applies to everyone on the community equally, and governs what we do and don’t want to see. Please continue to use that as the basis for flagging posts you think don’t belong here - and we’ll always look into it.

Thanks. I really hope we can have a positive conversation here and not have to lock the thread.


You made an indirect reference, that’s why it was removed.


Monzo have made a commitment to be transparent with their policies and decisions.

They haven’t made a commitment to be transparent on personal attacks.


Before we know it every post from monzo will end up be being closed from opening. Where is this thread actually going by tearing it apart ?

We were making progress.


It’s just arguing for the sake of it, it seems sometimes.

We had a great discussion on Brexit here yesterday and if any topics were to turn sour it would be that one, so it proves we are capable of adult conversations.


I actually thought that too.

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That’s what happened? It was removed by a mod.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #45

I’m gonna start flagging people now coz this is getting out of hand!!

Joke I don’t flag

Or do I? Trollol

(Tom ) #46

For me, I’d prefer the whole post was removed if someone found it offensive. I wouldn’t want people editing my posts.

(Jack) #48

I agree, I’d rather my post removed or someone asked me to reword it rather than change my wording to their interpretation.

(Dan) #49

And a quick PM to the person you have the issue with would help too right?

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #51

People have messaged me asking to change/delete a post even Monzo staff do it, sometimes I do sometimes I don’t.

Doesn’t bother me either way tbh.


I am not sure if Monzo Community should even have members with the Coral Crew category added next to their name. Even though they might not be Monzo’s members of staff, they are perceived as part of the Monzo family.

I understand that they want Monzo to succeed and feel really close to the company and its ethos. However, there might be problem with their close association with Monzo, as any criticism of Monzo’s actions is being seen by them as an attack on the company, which is not always the case.

They must keep their communication professional and refrain from any personal attacks. Otherwise they should not be allowed here under Coral Crew banner. I have not insulted anyone on this forum, and yet got asked unpleasant question from Coral Crew member “What bank do you work for?”. It is simply unacceptable and made me want to leave in my first week here.

This community must be welcoming, tolerant and open to criticism, just like Monzo aspire to be.

(Simon B) #53

Just to say, the Coral Crew are also expected to comply with the Code of Conduct and are treated the same as anyone else if action is required for inappropriate behaviour.

They don’t get any kind of “free pass”.